Top Tips to Consider Before Buying a Static Caravan Holiday Home – Part 2

Top Tips to Consider Before Buying a Static Caravan Holiday Home – Part 2

Posted on April 11, 2018 by

The second part of this blog post (you can read the first here) features tips compiled by Maguires Country Parks as they draw on their experience to advise potential static caravan owners of the things you should consider before buying.

Holiday Park terms and conditions

Each holiday park has different rules and policies. You should familiarise yourself with the terms & conditions before committing your future to a park. Below are 4 important considerations to take into account:

  • Does the holiday park permit sub-letting?
  • Is the park pet-friendly?
  • Are on-site facilities free or is there a charge?
  • Are there any parking restrictions?
  • Static Caravans ~ The benefits

Stress-free getaways

With a holiday home, you can say au-revoir to all the hassles that come with booking a getaway. No more arguments over where to go and no more need to spend countless hours searching out discounted lodging offers.


Static caravans offer a freedom of movement that many will never experience. At the drop of a hat you can take a break whenever you feel the need. No arrangements need making and, most importantly, you can enjoy unlimited holidays with no significant costs involved.

Save Cash

Being a long-term investment, your static caravan saves you heaps of cash every time you make use of it. They are extremely cost efficient to maintain and run, resulting in minimal operational costs.

Earn Money

Static caravans don’t only save you money but they can earn you money as well! If your holiday resort permits sub-letting then you can rent it out during the periods that you’ll not be using it yourself.

Family fun for all

Your holiday home is an investment that can be enjoyed by all the family. From private and family getaways to affording friends and loved ones the opportunity of using caravan themselves.


One of the main benefits that static caravan owners purport to enjoying the most is the sense of being part of a community. With a countless number of holidays possible each year it is inevitable that you’ll strike up some lifelong friendships with other like-minded people.


As with all investments there are some costs involved and these need to be considered before jumping in and buying a static holiday home.

Pitch fees

Pitch fees vary greatly depending on location. Typically, you’ll be looking at an annual cost of around £3,000. Taking other savings into consideration, such as no more hotel or restaurant bills, your annual fee will soon be recuperated. Letting your caravan out can also counterbalance this main cost.

Water, gas and electricity rates

As fuel rates vary according to contracts, it’s not possible to supply accurate figures. However, water rates will be around £350 per year, while gas and electricity will usually be charged on usage and at cost price.


Caravan Holiday Home insurance is obligatory and will be written into your contract terms. Insurance not only protects you, the owner, but also protects fellow members of the holiday park as well as the proprietor and his/her property.

Lifesure provides great value Static Caravan Insurance, with average premiums of around £150. Cover includes £5m Public Liability Insurance, friends and family use, accidental damage and hire and reward cover as standard.

Other Costs

For all other charges and running costs read through each holiday site’s contract policy BEFORE signing on the dotted line. As a potential owner of a static caravan you’ll need to weigh up every single cost and saving in order to work out the feasibility and overall expense of becoming an official owner. If managed correctly, and with due consideration, buying a static holiday home can be the investment of a lifetime.

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