Airstream Land Yacht Concept

Unfortunately this is still in the concept stage so we are unlikely to see this van on a site anytime soon and I suspect with the rather large price tag ($130,000 - $140,000) we won't be seeing too many of them anyway. There is no denying that it is a beautiful piece of kit.

Trip Buddy

Not want you'd normally expect from a British caravan manufacturer, but this funky new caravan could hopefully be the way forward in caravan design. With a teak floor, wet room and mood lighting, this van has the potential to be everything you dreamed of.

2012 Airstream International Signature 30' Recliner

The 684 is truly the Ultimate Travel Trailer, own one of these and you will not stop planning your next getaway whether a week break, or a grand tour of Europe.

The Volkner Mobil Bus

This is a motorhome rather than a caravan - and a really rather marvellous one at that. It's better equipped than my flat (and probably bigger) - with it's own fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine - oh and a handy hidey hole for your car. Nice, huh?

The 1962 Airstream Bambi

So kitsch it hurts. Words really cannot express quite how much I want one of these. I've never been the most savvy of purchasers, and I'm sure that there are many better ways that I could spend my hard earned, but I want to spend it on this.

The 2009 Winnebago Tour

Live your life like a rockstar in your very own Winnebago (you'll probably need to be a rockstar to afford one). Get your groupies round and throw some TVs out of windows, etc. Rock and roll!

The Classic Campervan

My parents had a lovely red camper van when I was little. It was amazing. This one's almost as good, sadly no split screen, but it makes up for it somewhat by being pink.

Fleetwood RV

This particular model was made for the Lost World (the sequel to Jurassic Park). Looks pretty sturdy, huh? Sadly in the end it was no match for an angry T Rex, but as they're all extinct now you'll probably be fine...

So, what did I miss out? Got your own dream caravan or motorhome if money was no object? What ever you're caravanning in, Lifesure would like the opportunity to give you up to 45% discount on your caravan insurance needs.

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