We all know that when the weather gets hot, it gets hot and that means in a caravan or motorhome it can be unbearable.

In the past cooling yourself down meant opening all of the doors and windows and hoping for a through breeze, which obviously wasn’t always an option especially if you wanted to leave the unit, or at night.

The good news is there is now a solution. Cool My Camper has a portable air conditioning unit specifically for caravans and motorhomes, which not only reduces the heat but also the humidity. Being portable it can be moved around the van and used in different areas, stored away or left at home when not in use and if you change van, you take it with you. Although primarily designed for motorhomes and touring caravans there is no reason why it couldn't be used in a static caravan.

The Cool My Camper unit has two parts; a fan unit that hooks onto your window ledge inside of the caravan or motorhome and a condensing unit that fits on the outside. The ‘S’ shaped mounting bracket fits snugly over the window fitting stopping the unit from vibrating against the side or moving about should there be a breeze and also allows the window to be closed and secured.

The air conditioner works by drawing in the warm air and cooling it, with the resulting condensation collected at the bottom of the unit where it then passes through to the outside compressor unit. This is unlike a standard fan that just circulates the warm air. By removing the moisture, the humidity is also being reduced.

As the unit is portable, there are several advantages over a roof mounted air conditioner including:

  • It is lighter – the combined weight of both the compressor and extractor units is less than 20kg
  • As it is smaller, it is quieter
  • It can be stored securely out of sight
  • It will use far less power – only 350 watts when cooling (1.52 amps on 230 volts)

Obviously being a much smaller (and cheaper) unit than a roof mounted one it will not be as powerful, however in a short space of time you will notice a temperature drop and it can achieve a 10 degree difference in under an hour.

Another advantage is that the temperature can be set so the user can maintain a constant temperature that suits them, for example you might want cooler conditions at night to aid sleep than you would normally have during the daytime.

These units are ideal for anyone who likes travelling in Europe, has children or pets that they take away with them or who doesn’t like it when the temperatures really start to soar.

The Cool My Camper air conditioning unit can be purchased direct from them at www.coolmycamper.com. If you would like to see the unit in action first, their team will be various industry shows throughout the season, which are listed on their website.

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